Consult Registro Oficial de Terapeutas EMDR

– EMDR therapy focuses on the reprocessing of traumatic or adverse experiences that have occurred during the person’s life. This reprocessing is achieved through structured procedures such as eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation.

– The EMDR method is, for many patients, more effective than conventional therapies. This therapy is supported by the World Health Organization and the International Clinical Guidelines.

– Patient and therapist work together to identify the target of treatment. Subsequently, the patient provides data on this traumatic incident from which the most important details are used. While the patient is performing bilateral movements (eye or other stimulation) other traumatic memories or memories associated with the trauma come to mind. It is in this way that the information is reprocessed in a more adaptive way.

– The treatment with EMDR can have a minimum duration of three sessions for simple traumas up to more than one year for complex problems. Despite this generalization, it can not be assessed until the therapist and the patient begin to work together.

– EMDR therapy can be used with patients of all ages. It is a suitable therapy for any age and for any problem, although the therapist after an assessment will decide if it is convenient or not the treatment through this technique. Through EMDR, all events in the patient’s history that have generated a trauma can be completely and satisfactorily overcome.