Stimulation or rehabilitation of memory is the process by which skills that have been lost or have been affected as a result of a cognitive alteration caused by a neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer‘s disease, Parkinson‘s disease…) or by a vascular accident (stroke, embolism…) or trauma. If these skills can not be recovered, they can be taught again, always from the neuropsychological perspective.

Through this therapy, carried out by a specialist in neuropsychology, specifically cognitive rehabilitation, reinforcement is achieved, strengthening or establishment of previously learned kills, acquisition of new patterns of cognitive activity or mechanisms for neurological systems that are damaged.

The interventions can be individual, in-group or at home.

To ensure the success of this intervention, the patient’s personal needs will be interpreted, establishing an action plan, which will help him to use the appropriate tools and strategies so that his therapy works to the maximum.

Through the continuity of cognitive stimulation or rehabilitation over time, better results will be obtained.