PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) is an alternative and augmentative communication system, through the exchange of images whose objective is to teach functional communication.

PECS is a program used throughout the world, which achieves results in students of diverse ages and cognitive, physical or communicative conditions.

During the implementation of this system, various positive reinforcement strategies and aids are used to promote student communication.

It consists of six phases. The student can differentiate images, using them as a mode of communication with the communicative receiver. In the last stages, students are taught to form sentences, answer questions, and comment on situations.

PECS is used in different diagnoses, developing speech in some cases. Any age is good to start in this system, although it is recommended to start it when language difficulties are detected.

Various investigations show the evidence regarding the effectiveness of this system.


The materials are:

Pictograms: express a concept through a picture. These pictograms are different for each individual; it has to be related to their activities and their preferences. They are the communication tool between the individual and the recipient.

Folder: place where the pictograms and the material is based.